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UPCOMING EVENT: Dr. Kevin D Barnes, Sr., will be hosting the third annual Successfully Raising Young Black Men Parenting Conference at the Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, CA, on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013. Click here to view the press release. Click here to sign up now.

As a school psychologist with over 20 years experience, I recently attended a career day in Marin City, California. I had a very welcome surprise in store as I listened to Pastor Kevin Barnes, the keynote speaker of Imagine Day. Dr. Barnes was remarkable in his approach and understanding of young people, and young men in particular. He spoke of the the relationship between young people and their parents. In this regard, he spoke with candor over the responsibility of parents to do their job, and work with their child, to shape and mold them, and that it will not always be an easy job. He even said that you as the parent in making the right choices will not always be popular or your child's best friend. He said that is OK! He said that being "the bad guy (or gal)" is a perfect role, as you raise your child.

I heard in Dr. Barnes honesty and a straightforward approach -- something more than just words. I felt his enthusiasm from his heart. I heard the truth that he has experienced through years as a pastor of what works with kids, and what does not work to help them grow into successful young adults.

Although he went over his allotted time for his address, not one person complained or looked bored for a second. I want to tell you what I told him that day as I rushed to shake his hand and meet him after his speech: That he gave the best speech I had ever heard!!!

Dr. Mitchell C. Biermann
School Psychologist

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Successfully Raising Young Black MenWith honesty, humor, love and wisdom, Kevin D. Barnes, Sr., father of three great young black men, and pastor of the Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church, in Oakland, California, shows African-American fathers and mothers how to do something that apparently many are struggling to do -- successfully raise young black men. This book will also encourage parents to be the parents that young black men need in this day and time. If you are trying to raise a young black man successfully, or know someone who is, This Book is for You!

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